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Factory Seconds (What are they and who should buy them?)

Purchasing technology online is growing more and more popular especially for businesses. If you buy technology online a lot, you have more than likely came across ‘factory seconds’ and ‘seconds’. In this blog, we explain what factory seconds are and who should buy them. What are Factory Seconds? Factory seconds are products which have minor…

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Will Servers Soon Be A Thing Of The Past?

cloud server

Here’s a question – are we fast approaching a future where conventional servers as we know them today will be obsolete? It’s a subject that’s been broached and explored endlessly over recent months and years, brought about by the sudden explosion in the use and convenience of cloud server technology. Quite simply, the long and…

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Custom-Built Data Centre Offering Unveiled by Dell

Dell has lifted the lid on the company’s brand new Datacentre Scalable Solutions (DSS) business line, which according to the official press release will pave the way for a future where their customer datacentre operating models will be built around their needs. With the intention of providing “optimised solutions to meet customers’ precise needs”, Dell…

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Dell Unveils New Cloud Manager v11

Dell’s Cloud Manager has for some time been something of a linchpin helping medium and large-sized businesses better organise and manage cloud data and application distribution. Giving business owners and IT teams a powerful yet simplified single control point from which to take care of cloud application and service consumption and deployment, the suite has…

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Three Common Computer Conundrums and Their Solutions

Regardless of whether you’re a high-flying business-type or a domestic home user, chances are there’s at least one computer in your life. And as this is the case, it’s also likely that you know and understand the pain of PC problems that seem to pop up at the worst possible times to throw a spanner…

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