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How to fix a Dell computer that won’t boot up

dell startup screen

Like losing your phone or locking yourself out of the house, a non-booting computer can seriously ruin your day – snatching away your plans for both work and recreation. Sure, you could read a book, listen to a record or go for a walk, but the fact that your device lies apparently broken, its future…

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How to Install a HP Printer on a Dell Computer

HP printer

If you have bought a Hewlett Packard (HP) printer to use alongside your Dell computer, you will need to follow a few simple steps to set them up to work together. Both brands have a long history of producing quality technology so the process of getting them started is usually simple and straightforward. How to…

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How to Find the Product Model of Your Dell

Find your Dell product model

There are many reasons you might want to find the product model of your Dell computer or laptop. You could require your product model for warranty repairs, to look up the specs for your PC or laptop for upgrades, support with your Dell product, or you want to buy other accessories for your device. The…

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How to change HDD/SSD in Dell Precision laptops

Dell Precision Laptop

For many users, getting the most out of their laptop is a high priority. Sometimes this involves upgrading elements that aren’t as new or high-spec as they could be. Hard drive capacity is an important factor for almost anyone, and newer SSDs are gradually becoming more useful. All things considered, at some point you might…

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