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Dell Studio XPS 8000 & 9000 using Lynnfield CPUs

Dell has today introduced a new pair of Studio XPS desktops that are available with Intel’s new Lynnfield CPUs. The Studio XPS 8000 is a mid range tower designed for casual users and the base model will incorporate the Intel Core i5-750, 512MB HD 4350 graphics card, 3072MB Ram, and 320GB Serial ATA Hard drive.…

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Intel Lynnfield LGA1156 Core i5/i7 Released

It has been less than a year ago since Intel launched the Nehalem-based LGA1366 Core i7 CPUs however most of these processors were far to expensive for your average consumer. The Lynnfield LGA1156 Core i5 & i7 are the processors that are designed for the mainstream market and will be the logical successor from the…

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Intel Lynnfield Capable of 2.3Ghz DDR3

Recently Bit Tech have had the chance to play with one of Intel’s new Lynfield CPUs with a new Gigabyte P55 motherboard. During their testing they found quite a pleasant surprise – the 2GB OCZ Blade 2,000MHz CL8 DDR3 they were using would quite easily overclock to 2.3GHz. The only option the BIOS would allow…

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