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Why Buying Branded PC Parts is Paramount

The fact that pretty much anyone can have a crack at upgrading their own PCs these days is nothing short of brilliant. It’s no longer a case of being terrified to look beneath the shell – so many advances have been made that the plug-and-play PC upgrade is often a very real possibility. However, when…

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Intel Lynnfield LGA1156 Core i5/i7 Released

It has been less than a year ago since Intel launched the Nehalem-based LGA1366 Core i7 CPUs however most of these processors were far to expensive for your average consumer. The Lynnfield LGA1156 Core i5 & i7 are the processors that are designed for the mainstream market and will be the logical successor from the…

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Intel Westmere images leaked

Intel’s six-core Xeon processor, known as Westmere, has been seen in a leak of an engineering sample. Still identified as a mainstream Core i7 chip by software, the Xeon W5590 example runs at a relatively low 2.4GHz clock speed but has 12MB of Level 3 cache shared between all cores and 256KB of Level 2…

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