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Dell Unveils New Cloud Manager v11

’s Cloud Manager has for some time been something of a linchpin helping medium and large-sized businesses better organise and manage cloud data and application distribution. Giving business owners and IT teams a powerful yet simplified single control point from which to take care of cloud application and service consumption and deployment, the suite has become an integral part of the day-to-day operations of thousands of businesses of various sizes.

Once again refreshing and optimising its services to clients, Dell has just launched a new version of its Cloud Manager with the intent of further enhancing the way in which businesses can self-manage access to and the use of cloud services, while at all times keeping costs and required efforts to absolute minimums. Along with providing the fastest and most secure access possible to cloud services from multiple platforms and entry points, the new Cloud Manager also focuses heavily on hierarchical role-based access controls.

“Our clients turn to Dell Cloud Manager to provide efficiency, governance and choice for their cloud deployments,” explained executive director and general manager for Cloud Systems at Dell Software, David Bagley.

“Our new blueprints, custom catalogue, automation capabilities and expanded Microsoft support expand on our ability to meet these needs for our clients. Dell Cloud Manager is the perfect solution for customers looking to operate sophisticated distributed applications on WAP, Azure public cloud and other leading cloud providers.”

The latest build – Dell Cloud Manager v11 – boasts TOSCA standard-based blueprint support for superb simplification of the total management and portability of cloud services and applications. Dell Cloud Manager v11 offers enhanced Microsoft Azure support and is the first independent unified solution of its kind for Microsoft customers.

With the inclusion of new automated recovery and scaling capabilities, Dell Cloud Manager v11 is by far the most outstandingly efficient to date and capable of satisfying service level requirements. Available to UK customers as a service hosted and managed by Dell or as an on-premises deployment solution, Dell Cloud Manager v11 is on sale as of right now and available for immediate implementation.

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