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Archive for November 2009

Intel 32nm Core i3 & Core i5 Processors

A Germany based website has recently leaked details of the upcoming 32nm dual-core desktop LGA 1156 processors codenamed Clarkdale, also known as the Core i3 5xx-series and Core i5 6xx-series respectively. These are also the first chips to integrate a 45nm IGP core and memory controller alongside the 32nm Westmere-based CPU, all within a single…

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Windows 64 bit is safer

Windows users running 64-bit versions of the operating system are less likely to get infected by attack code. According to Microsoft’s security team said that 64-bit Windows has some of the lowest reported malware infection rates in the first half of 2009. According to the Microsoft Malware Protection Center 64-bit malware is still exceedingly rare…

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Windows 8 due for release in 2012?

Ok so most people don’t even have Windows 7, and those that do are more than happy enough with it as it is, however this isn’t slowing the MS engineers from developing Windows 8. According to a roadmap constructed over at Microsoft Kitchen — based around whispers heard through the grapevine on the eventual release…

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Intel’s Cedarview Atom to go 32nm in 2011

Cedar trail is the new 2011 Atom platform, while Cedarview is the new Atom that should start shipping in 2011. Pineview will ship early next year, 2010, as early as January, and it should last throughout 2010 and some parts of 2011 until it gets succeeded by Cedarview. Cedarview has been confirmed to be a…

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OCZ & SandForce to launch 6Gb/s SSD

Most people already know that SSDs are the way to go if you require performance over storage. OCZ are now looking at making the performance gap between mechanical HDs and SSDs even greater with the introduction of a 6Gb/s SAS interface compared to the more usual 3Gb/s SATA interface. OCZ’s SandForce-based SSDs will be available…

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