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Dell is to Step Things up and Launch a 5K Monitor

Dell monitor UP2715K

We were all just getting to grips with 4K monitor technology until Dell announced it’s going to step things up and launch its UltraSharp 5K panel. The 27inch Dell Ultrasharp UP2715K boasts an impressive 220DPI – which if you ask us that number is pretty much unheard of when it comes to PC monitors. Thanks…

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Are We Really In The Post PC era?

Ever since the iPad hit the market some years ago, there has been an ongoing debate: laptops vs tablet? Many have questioned whether laptops are still a necessary technology product when so many tablets are can perform the same functions as a laptop. The question is, are we really in the post PC era? Well…

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The Benefits of Using a Tablet Device When on The Move

Top 5 tablets for Christmas 2014

A tablet is a must have device, they’re portable, boast powerful hardware, features and come with an array of handy apps. If you’ve been thinking about adding a tablet to your collection of tech devices, then stop thinking and get buying. Here’s five reasons why you should buy one today. Portable Compared to computers and…

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Why Buying Branded PC Parts is Paramount

The fact that pretty much anyone can have a crack at upgrading their own PCs these days is nothing short of brilliant. It’s no longer a case of being terrified to look beneath the shell – so many advances have been made that the plug-and-play PC upgrade is often a very real possibility. However, when…

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