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Archive for April 2013

Humans vs Computers [Infographic]

ITC Sales - Humans vs Computer [Infographic]

Many of us believe (or led to believe) that one day Computers / Robots will take over the world and enslave humanity. Just like in the movie Terminator. This notion is probably still too far ahead from our time, and what’s more likely to happen in the near future is that computers may take over…

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The Evolution of Dell’s Thin Laptops [Infographic]

ITC Sales Dell Thin Laptops

It’s in Dell’s DNA to make fast, powerful, and thin laptops to satisfy the needs of mobile professionals. Their very first attempt creating a thin laptop dating back to the late 1980s with the Dell 316LT – one of the thinnest personal computer at that time, which in today’s world, would probably be classified as…

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