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Archive for March 2015

Laptop vs Desktop – Why Not Use a Docking Station?

We’re often asked what makes more sense these days – a laptop PC or a standard desktop machine? It’s a valid question, as with so many cheap laptops and standard desktops doing the rounds which in both instances seem to tick all the right boxes, what is it that separates the two? Or more importantly,…

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2015 – The Year the Tablet PC Gets Supersized

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest industry news over recent months, you’ll have no doubt heard that tablet PCs as we’ve come to know them are becoming a tough sell for certain brands. The reason being that there are just too many of them out there, meaning that unless you build slates of…

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Laptop Overheating? A Few Simple Tips to Save Your System

It’s the kind of nightmare that can drive anyone to despair – a computer that for some reason or other seems to keep shutting itself off without warning. You may have just lost the assignment you spend three hours writing, it could have cost you all the progress you’d so far made on the game…

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Windows 10 is Coming Soon – What This Means for You

Microsoft is slowly but surely allowing Windows 10 to poke its nose out of the bag, with a series of previews having given the world its first glimpse of what’s to come. Of course, there’s still a pretty sizeable chunk of the community wondering what the heck happened to Windows 9, but on the whole…

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