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Intel 32nm Core i3 & Core i5 Processors

A Germany based website has recently leaked details of the upcoming 32nm dual-core desktop LGA 1156 processors codenamed Clarkdale, also known as the Core i3 5xx-series and Core i5 6xx-series respectively. These are also the first chips to integrate a 45nm IGP core and memory controller alongside the 32nm Westmere-based CPU, all within a single…

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Intel 32-nm Westmere CPU Wafer

It has only been a few days since Intel launched the new Lynnfield line of CPUs and now they are showing off the new Westmere CPU wafer. One of the main talking points about the Westmere chips is that they use the 32nm fabrication process which is an industry first, and Intel have had to…

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Intel Westmere images leaked

Intel’s six-core Xeon processor, known as Westmere, has been seen in a leak of an engineering sample. Still identified as a mainstream Core i7 chip by software, the Xeon W5590 example runs at a relatively low 2.4GHz clock speed but has 12MB of Level 3 cache shared between all cores and 256KB of Level 2…

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