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Archive for January 2015

Dell have made their ultra portable laptop even smaller

For years, laptop makers have been envious of Apple’s slender and innovative designs, and in particular the design of the MacBook Air. But not anymore, Dell have finally matched Apple with their XPS 13. This latest launch from Dell boasts a sleek design, long battery life as well as state-of-the-art performance, the XPS 13 is…

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Laptop Review: The Dell Latitude E6540

Dell Latitude E6540

Laptop Review: The Dell Latitude E6540While business and consumer laptops may share a lot of the same features and components – an operating system, a smooth clamshell design – there are many needs that must be met in order for a laptop to be suitable for a business environment.A laptop that’s used for business purposes…

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Samsung Announces Ground Breaking SSD

Samsung's new PCIe SSD Card

If you’ve got a solid state drive (SSD) on your laptop and you think it performs well now, wait until you try Samsung’s new high performance, low powered SSD. Samsung’s new SSD is part of their latest developments for storage components that are coming to notebook and laptop component suppliers. By relying on a PCIe…

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Have a Happy, High Tech 2015

Welcome to our first blog of 2015, it’s another brand new year and therefore it’s the perfect time to change things up a bit. Don’t worry we’re not talking about making unrealistic new years resolutions, like vowing to go to the gym every night or eating healthy, we’re talking about how to improve your digital…

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