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Nvidia’s GTX 480 vs ATi Radeon HD5870

It’s now March which means Nvidia’s first, brand spanking new Fermi GPU will be launched later this month with the GTX470 and GTX480. Nvidia have revealed some benchmark tests on its new GPU’s against ATI’s great card the HD5870 and although you might be expecting a great increase in ability in Nvidia’s new graphics behemoth,…

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CES : Eyefinity and Eyefinity6

We touched on this before when it was in secret development stage but if you missed that Eyefinity is the name of a development from AMD which allows up to 6 monitors to be run off just one 5000 series ATI Radeon graphics card. Shown at the current CES convention, Eyefinity allows three supported monitors…

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ATI HD Radeon 5870 Launched

AMD has finally launched it’s highly anticipated its new 5800 range of GPUs which includes the current flagship ATI HD Radeon 5870. This new GPU packs 2.15 billion transistors into a tiny chip, offering outstanding performance, DirectX 11 support, and triple-monitor (or better) capability. If you compare the 5870 with AMDs previous flagship single GPU…

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ATI 5870 Eyefinity Card able to handle 6 monitors at a time.

AMD are launching their new range of ATI 5xxx cards at the end of this month with the first cards being the 5850 and 5870 with the 5870×2 to follow later on in the year. While there is a lot of secrecy surrounding these cards due to various NDAs imposed on people the few details…

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