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Archive for September 2009

Dell’s Latitude Z Notebook has Wireless Charging and Docking

The Latitude Z is Dell’s new 16-inch notebook that tries to offer something a little different as a unique selling point. The notebook has the ability to operate completely free of wires—at all times. An optional wireless charging station lets you simple set your notebook down upon it—no hooking up or plugging in anything—where its…

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New Stock Cooler for Intel Gulftown CPU

Intel retail boxed processors always come packed with a heatsink and fan. While these heatsinks are normally adequate for normal use they are normally no use if you want to overclcock your system or run it as silent as possible. Those serious about keeping their hot chips cool will opt for aftermarket solutions. For the…

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Intel “Light Peak” Super Cables

The processor giant Intel have recently shown a development in high speed optical cables to transfer data from your favourite computer or gadget appliances. “Light Peak” as it’s known works better than your standard copper wired cables due to the fact it uses fibre optic cables instead which can deliver 10Gb/s of bandwith with the…

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ATI HD Radeon 5870 Launched

AMD has finally launched it’s highly anticipated its new 5800 range of GPUs which includes the current flagship ATI HD Radeon 5870. This new GPU packs 2.15 billion transistors into a tiny chip, offering outstanding performance, DirectX 11 support, and triple-monitor (or better) capability. If you compare the 5870 with AMDs previous flagship single GPU…

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BMW and Mercedes to use Intel Atom Infotainment Systems

While cars have use computer systems for quite a while it looks like the plan to integrate Intel’s consumer chip, the Atom, into cars such as the BMW and Mercedes is a sign of truly ubiquitous computing. BMW and Mercedes-Benz expect to get the units in cars sometime in 2012. Mercedes-Benz will make the systems…

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