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Dell Latitude Laptops for the Industrial Sector

Dell Latitude Laptops

Modern businesses do rely on laptops for various office chores but the problem is that they do use ordinary laptops. A smart business should make use of industrial laptops such as the Dell latitude that is specifically designed for the office environment. If your business has a tough working condition and yet you are using normal laptops then…

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Dell Latitude 13 E7350 2 in 1

Dell Latitude 13 E7350 2 in 1

Perhaps the single most interesting thing of all is that while the Dell Latitude 13 E7350 2 in 1 is referred to as a two in one machine, it actually creeps over the line into a whole bunch of product categories. It is an Ultrabook, a tablet PC and a convertible all in one which…

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ITC Reviews: Dell Latitude 12 E5250

Dell Latitude E5250

While there are so many Dell laptop computers on the market right now where sleekness and slenderness have clearly been the primary focus, the Dell Latitude 12 E5250 is not one of them. Instead, what they’ve come up with in this instance is a reliable pack-mule of a business laptop that looks and feels every…

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ITC Reviews: Dell Latitude 14 E5450

Dell Latitude 14 E5450

While the Dell Latitude 14 E5450 isn’t what you’d call a show-stopping powerhouse, it does the single most important thing 99% of its buyers are looking for – it gets the job done. The Latitude 14 5000 series in general wasn’t designed to outpace or outclass its rivals in really any way, shape or form,…

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Dell Dominates Brazil’s PC Market for Q1 2015


We make no secret of our affinity with Dell Laptops, and by the look of it the same can be said for the folks over in Brazil too. According to the latest roundup of figures from IDC, the Brazilian PC market was convincingly dominated by Dell during the opening three months of 2015, outselling all…

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