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Dell Dominates Brazil’s PC Market for Q1 2015


We make no secret of our affinity with Dell Laptops, and by the look of it the same can be said for the folks over in Brazil too. According to the latest roundup of figures from IDC, the Brazilian PC market was convincingly dominated by Dell during the opening three months of 2015, outselling all…

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Docking Stations – The Key to Turbo Typing?

For all the incredible advances that have been made in the world of laptop technology over recent years, things still aren’t nearly up to par in the minds of day-long speed-typists. Now, for the sake of keeping the average Dell Latitude neat and compact it’s of course always going to be impossible to fit one…

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4K Laptops – Why Now Might Not Be the Time to Buy

Dell 4K laptop

Chances are that by now you’ll have noticed how 1080p HD is considered yesterday’s news by anyone insistent on keeping up with the tech times. It’s also interesting to note that to a pretty large extent, the world seems to have wholly ignored, overlooked or decided to skip 2K HD and jump right into the…

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