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Western Digital 640GB 9.5mm Hard Drive For Notebooks

Keeping up with Toshiba, Western Digital have announced the release of their 9.5mm high 2.5" 640GB HDD. Unlike many large notebook HDDs the Western Digital is the industry standard 9mm which means it will always fit inside a laptop. For many other drives this size some modification needs to be completed before it will fit…

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2.5” HDD now at a whopping 640MB – Toshiba

The 3.5” drive has reached 2TB with 2.5TB on the horizon the 2.5” HDD has struggled to math its big brothers ever increasing size. However Toshiba is releasing the MK6465GSX, the first 640GB 2.5” drive. The dual “plattered” hard drive also comes in 160GB, 250GB, 320GB, 500GB capacities. However it only spins at 5,400RPM therefore…

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2.5TB HDD by 2010

TDK Corporation recently revealed a roadmap that says 2.5” 640GB and 3.5” 2.5TB HDD should be available by January 2010 TDk themselves are a major player in the manufacture of read/write heads for many HDD suppliers. They are currently producing high density read/write heads for 250 GB/platter (2.5-inch) and 500 GB/platter (3.5-inch). They have however…

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