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Archive for August 2015

Dell Unveils New Cloud Manager v11

Dell’s Cloud Manager has for some time been something of a linchpin helping medium and large-sized businesses better organise and manage cloud data and application distribution. Giving business owners and IT teams a powerful yet simplified single control point from which to take care of cloud application and service consumption and deployment, the suite has…

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ITC Reviews: Dell Latitude 12 E5250

Dell Latitude E5250

While there are so many Dell laptop computers on the market right now where sleekness and slenderness have clearly been the primary focus, the Dell Latitude 12 E5250 is not one of them. Instead, what they’ve come up with in this instance is a reliable pack-mule of a business laptop that looks and feels every…

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ITC Reviews: Dell Latitude 14 E5450

Dell Latitude 14 E5450

While the Dell Latitude 14 E5450 isn’t what you’d call a show-stopping powerhouse, it does the single most important thing 99% of its buyers are looking for – it gets the job done. The Latitude 14 5000 series in general wasn’t designed to outpace or outclass its rivals in really any way, shape or form,…

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