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OCZ Vertex 2 and ultraslim USB 3.0

OCZ is getting ready to show 2 very impressive products at CES this year. First up is the hotly anticipated Vertex 2 line of MLC-based internal SSDs which utilise SATA 3.0 allowing it to write at up to 480MB/s and read around 550MB/s, depending on the size of the files. Next up is a ultrathin…

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OCZ & SandForce to launch 6Gb/s SSD

Most people already know that SSDs are the way to go if you require performance over storage. OCZ are now looking at making the performance gap between mechanical HDs and SSDs even greater with the introduction of a 6Gb/s SAS interface compared to the more usual 3Gb/s SATA interface. OCZ’s SandForce-based SSDs will be available…

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NanoSSD : Selling Soon.

In the next few weeks the Japanese company Elecom will be releasing to Nano Solid State Drives that plug directly into your SATA slot. The two drives in question, called the ESD-IDSAA series, measure a miniscule 25 x 39 x 6.5 mm. They could be used as a startup drive on a main system, or…

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Intel and Micron develop smallest, cheapest NAND flash yet

Intel and Micron have just announced the development of a new Multi Level Cell NAND Flash based on a 34nm fabrication process using three-bits-per-cell. The 2 companies say this will allow them to produce 32Gb chips smaller and cheaper than those currently available on the market. These developments are quite important for the penetration of…

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Kingston releases SSDNow V+ line of SSDs

Kingston are still relatively new to the SSD market but they are releasing theur second range of SSDs. The new SSDNow V+ line best the previous non plus version with read and write speeds up to 220MB/sec and 180MB/sec, respectively, and pack some higher input and output operations per second (or IOPS) to boot, which…

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