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Samsung Announces Ground Breaking SSD

Samsung's new PCIe SSD Card

If you’ve got a solid state drive (SSD) on your laptop and you think it performs well now, wait until you try Samsung’s new high performance, low powered SSD. Samsung’s new SSD is part of their latest developments for storage components that are coming to notebook and laptop component suppliers. By relying on a PCIe…

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Are We Really In The Post PC era?

Ever since the iPad hit the market some years ago, there has been an ongoing debate: laptops vs tablet? Many have questioned whether laptops are still a necessary technology product when so many tablets are can perform the same functions as a laptop. The question is, are we really in the post PC era? Well…

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In this post-PC era, laptops, especially the UltraBooks line literally become thinner and thinner. Whilst it provides extreme portability, the computer manufacturers also often sacrifice one or two things that they think average users won’t really need. One of the usual victim is the storage capacity of the laptop. Ultra-thin computers usually boast only up…

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Thin, Light, Ultra-Fast Dell Latitude E6230 Laptop


New Year, New Start, New Laptop! If you’re planning to refresh your old-chunky laptop with an affordable thin, light, and fast laptop, then look no further than Dell Latitude E6230. Powered with a powerful 2.80 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, ultra-fast 128 GB Solid State Drive (SSD), and a beautiful high-resolution 1366×768 LED-backlit screen, Dell…

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OCZ Vertex 2 and ultraslim USB 3.0

OCZ is getting ready to show 2 very impressive products at CES this year. First up is the hotly anticipated Vertex 2 line of MLC-based internal SSDs which utilise SATA 3.0 allowing it to write at up to 480MB/s and read around 550MB/s, depending on the size of the files. Next up is a ultrathin…

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