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How to Find the Product Number of a Dell Laptop Keyboard

How to find a Dell laptop part number

Finding yourself in need of a new laptop keyboard can be a pretty big annoyance in its own right. Nevertheless, things are often compounded even further by the seemingly-daunting job of finding out the product number for the keyboard itself, in order to arrange the required replacement. So shy of ripping your machine to pieces…

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Server Computer Parts and Components – A Basic Introduction

server components

Perhaps the very best way of gaining a comprehensive understanding of server computers and how they work is to delve deeper than the surface to explore their core components. They may be pretty complicated and complex pieces of kit in a technical sense, but are at the same time relatively simple by way of their…

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Server Components – A Basic Shopping List

components inside a server

Right now, a growing contingency of businesses of all sizes and purposes are opting to build their own servers. The appeal of creating a custom server computer directly in-line with the needs of the business and for the lowest price isn’t hard to understand. Of course, some may be put off by the idea of…

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Dell Server Rail Kits, Posts and Trays – Buying the Best

Dell EMC AX4 Celerra X925H

If you’re taking the time to either build or upgrade an existing server computer, chances are you’d prefer a finished machine that you can rely on. Not that most leading technology brands on the market right now won’t help you get the job done, but here at ITC Sales we always recommend choosing high-end Dell…

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An Introduction to the Apple Watch – What’s the Big Deal?

So the talk of the tech town over the last few months has of course been the Apple Watch – the first wearable device ever to bear the Cupertino brand’s badge. As is the case with all Smartwatch devices to date, what you’re looking at is largely an extension of your current smartphone…in this case,…

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