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The Evolution of Computer Processors & RAM [Infographic]

ITC Sales Processor RAM

Over the last few decades, computer technologies have been rapidly evolving, constantly changing how people live their day-to-day lives. It pushes human boundaries and has become an integral part of our society, from the way we communicate to the way businesses are run. Every year, computers keep getting faster, more powerful, and as the production…

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Nvidia’s GTX 480 vs ATi Radeon HD5870

It’s now March which means Nvidia’s first, brand spanking new Fermi GPU will be launched later this month with the GTX470 and GTX480. Nvidia have revealed some benchmark tests on its new GPU’s against ATI’s great card the HD5870 and although you might be expecting a great increase in ability in Nvidia’s new graphics behemoth,…

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NVIDIA Optimus

Ever had that problem with your new laptop whereby you constantly have to switch between using your power draining GPU or not? If you have then you’ll know how frustrating it can be having to switch your GPU on or off depending on what you’re doing on your laptop to conserve on energy. You have…

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CES : Eyefinity and Eyefinity6

We touched on this before when it was in secret development stage but if you missed that Eyefinity is the name of a development from AMD which allows up to 6 monitors to be run off just one 5000 series ATI Radeon graphics card. Shown at the current CES convention, Eyefinity allows three supported monitors…

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Next gen NVIDIA Fermi GT300 GPU delayed until 2010

Taiwanese industry sources say the release of NVIDIA’s Fermi GT300 GPU has been delayed until Fiscal 2011 (January 26-April 26, 2010), which for the company means not until at least late January 2010. Nvidia will ramp Fermi for three different product lines: GeForce, Quadro and Tesla in the first quarter of fiscal 2011, said Jen-Hsun…

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