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Your Chance to Win With ITC Sales

The festive season is officially upon us, and ITC Sales fans are in for an extra special treat this Christmas. We’re helping you to celebrate Christmas by giving all you lovely people a chance to win yourself a luxury winter hamper with red wine. Put your feet up this January and relax with our gorgeous…

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The Ultimate Office Laptop – Dell Latitude E5440

Be ready for whatever the day throws at you with the Dell Latitude E5440. This business laptop boasts so many great features that all business users need and want: solid build, bright HD+ screen, good performance, pleasing input devices, low emissions and long battery run times.The sleek E5440 has a plastic chassis with a with…

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Why Buying Branded PC Parts is Paramount

The fact that pretty much anyone can have a crack at upgrading their own PCs these days is nothing short of brilliant. It’s no longer a case of being terrified to look beneath the shell – so many advances have been made that the plug-and-play PC upgrade is often a very real possibility. However, when…

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The Evolution of Dell’s Thin Laptops [Infographic]

ITC Sales Dell Thin Laptops

It’s in Dell’s DNA to make fast, powerful, and thin laptops to satisfy the needs of mobile professionals. Their very first attempt creating a thin laptop dating back to the late 1980s with the Dell 316LT – one of the thinnest personal computer at that time, which in today’s world, would probably be classified as…

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Google Chromebook Pixel: is it worth it?

ITC Sales Chromebook Blog

Google has just recently announced its new, ambitious, flag-ship laptop, the Chromebook Pixel. It’s the first touch-screen laptop that sports Chrome OS, and also has the highest-resolution screen in the market with a ridiculous 239 pixels per inch (2560 x 1700 at 3:2 ratio) on a 12” screen. In comparison, Apple’s new Retina Display Macbook…

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