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Archive for November 2015

ITC Reviews: Dell Precision Workstation T7910

Dell Precision Workstation T7910

Upon its introduction last year, the Precision Workstation T7910 did a pretty good job in confusing a fair few early admirers. Why, you’d expect the T7910 to be a superior machine than the T7810 takes little to no explanation. But no…as it turned out, this would actually be something of a modest step down from…

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Introducing the “PC Does Whaaat?!” Campaign

PC Does Whaaat Campaign

Who’d have thought we’d ever see the day when the likes of Dell, HP and Lenovo would team up on pretty much anything? We certainly didn’t see it coming, but in conjunction with both Microsoft and Intel, these three PC biggies have joined forces to promote the delightfully titled “PC Does Whaaat?!” campaign. And if…

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ITC Reviews: Dell Precision Workstation T7810

Dell Precision Workstation T7810

When Dell first announced the arrival of the Precision workstation T7810, those in need of a genuine powerhouse PC suddenly had their options blown wide open.  These were never going to be cheap computers and nor were they intended to be – this was instead to be a series of machines designed to supply outstanding…

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Will Servers Soon Be A Thing Of The Past?

cloud server

Here’s a question – are we fast approaching a future where conventional servers as we know them today will be obsolete? It’s a subject that’s been broached and explored endlessly over recent months and years, brought about by the sudden explosion in the use and convenience of cloud server technology. Quite simply, the long and…

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