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Archive for March 2014

Dell Alienware X51 Core i7-3770

Are you a gamer looking for a sophisticated engine to run your favorite games? Tired of seeing that massive framerate drops while you’re in action? Then you might be interested in checking a new machine we got in stock, the Dell Alienware X51 R2! This desktop gaming computer is powered by a screaming-fast 3.4GHz Intel…

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Geek vs Nerd: Which One Are You? [Infographics]

Is there a difference between a nerd and a geek? According to a recent non-academical study conducted by our friends at MastersInIT.org, apparently there are distinct differences between the two! The mini research explain the differences based on the word definition, history, personal traits, the way they talk, and even the type of movies they…

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In this post-PC era, laptops, especially the UltraBooks line literally become thinner and thinner. Whilst it provides extreme portability, the computer manufacturers also often sacrifice one or two things that they think average users won’t really need. One of the usual victim is the storage capacity of the laptop. Ultra-thin computers usually boast only up…

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Dell Precision M6700: Ultra Powerful Laptop for Creatives

One dilemma that we generally face when buying a laptop computer is to choose between power and mobility. The Ultrabook laptops have arguably solved this issue by offering the best of both worlds. For average user. But how about for the rest of the world who rely on their laptop to do non-average works? Take…

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