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Archive for May 2013

Latitude XT3 Intel Core i5-2520M 4GB 128GB SSD

ITC Sales Dell Latitude XT3

In 2010, Apple (AAPL) kick-started an era called the Post-PC era with the iPad, whereby your traditional Desktop PC is no longer the go-to device to access your digital files. Since then, we’ve seen hundreds of tablet PCs surfing to the market, mainly using Android operating system. But can they really replace your desktop PC?…

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New 19″ Dell E1913S LED Monitor

Dell E1913 ITC Sales

You might find it difficult to find a really good LED monitor under £150 today. But at ITC Sales, we have a wide range of premium quality LED monitors within that price range that will meet any business or personal needs. If you are looking for a cheap LED monitor that produces a crystal clear…

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Top 5 Most Common Computer Security Mistakes [Infographic]

Computer Security Mistakes

Over the last few years, hackers have been constantly making headline stories in the news by successfully breaking into what we believed to be the tightest digital fortresses on the planet like the FBI and CIA in the United States. Many reports suggested that most of the attacks carried out by even the most notorious…

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