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Samsung Announces Ground Breaking SSD

Samsung's new PCIe SSD Card

If you’ve got a solid state drive (SSD) on your laptop and you think it performs well now, wait until you try Samsung’s new high performance, low powered SSD. Samsung’s new SSD is part of their latest developments for storage components that are coming to notebook and laptop component suppliers. By relying on a PCIe…

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Western Digital 640GB 9.5mm Hard Drive For Notebooks

Keeping up with Toshiba, Western Digital have announced the release of their 9.5mm high 2.5" 640GB HDD. Unlike many large notebook HDDs the Western Digital is the industry standard 9mm which means it will always fit inside a laptop. For many other drives this size some modification needs to be completed before it will fit…

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Dell Unveils Inspiron 11z Netbook/Notebook

Today Dell announced its intention to release the Inspiron 11Z. First question to ask is, “Is it a Netbook or a Notebook?” It has the spec of a notebook but is the size of a netbook and priced like one (starting from $399). Specs are : – Intel Celeron 723 processor (1.2GHz) 2 GB memory…

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