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Factory Seconds (What are they and who should buy them?)

Purchasing technology online is growing more and more popular especially for businesses. If you buy technology online a lot, you have more than likely came across ‘factory seconds’ and ‘seconds’. In this blog, we explain what factory seconds are and who should buy them.

What are Factory Seconds?

Factory seconds are products which have minor marks on them or have simply been unboxed, which are still in full and new workingfactory seconds order. Products such as these cannot be sold as new due to their unboxing or minor marks so are sold at a reduced price, even though they perform the same as brand new devices.

Factory Seconds vs Refurbished

Although some factory seconds and refurbished devices may perform the same, there is one clear difference between the two types of product.

A refurbished laptop or computer is a product which has been sold to a consumer and after using the device the user has encountered a fault. After finding this fault with their device the consumer has returned the device to the supplier who then will send it off to be repaired, making this device ‘refurbished’.

This, therefore, identifies the difference between a factory second and a refurbished laptop as a factory second has never been used but has minor flaws, meaning it cannot be sold as brand new whereas a refurbished laptop has been used and repaired.

Who should buy Factory Seconds?

Factory seconds are a great way to receive a high-quality product at a reduced rate. Due to performing as well as a product which is sold a brand new, you can receive fully functional computer, tablet and laptop seconds for a reasonable price.

At ITC Sales we stock a wide range of factory seconds perfect for domestic and business use. All our seconds are reviewed by ourselves and the condition of each item is noted on the listing. To browse our factory seconds range today click here or for more information on our factory seconds range call 03333 222 200.

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