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Intel’s Cedarview Atom to go 32nm in 2011

Cedar trail is the new 2011 Atom platform, while Cedarview is the new Atom that should start shipping in 2011. Pineview will ship early next year, 2010, as early as January, and it should last throughout 2010 and some parts of 2011 until it gets succeeded by Cedarview. Cedarview has been confirmed to be a…

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BMW and Mercedes to use Intel Atom Infotainment Systems

While cars have use computer systems for quite a while it looks like the plan to integrate Intel’s consumer chip, the Atom, into cars such as the BMW and Mercedes is a sign of truly ubiquitous computing. BMW and Mercedes-Benz expect to get the units in cars sometime in 2012. Mercedes-Benz will make the systems…

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Nvidia To Release Scaled Back ION LE

Fudzilla is reporting that Nvidia has introduced a lower-priced version of its ION chipset, which is branded as ION LE. Like the original ION, the LE is designed to boost the graphics performance of Atom CPUs by providing a faster alternative to Intel’s sluggish graphics chip. However, unlike the original ION, the ION LE will…

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