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Asus improves AMD core unlocking

One of the big selling points of AMD CPUs is the ability to unlock cores on the Phenom II X2, X3 and even Sempron 140 Processors. This is possible due to the fact that AMD uses one standard Agena die for its quad, triple and dual Phenom IIs. However the problem is the fact that…

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USB Blu-Ray Drive

Asus is about to release an external Blu-Ray drove sometime this month. The SBC-04D1S-U has a single USB 2.0 output, no HDMI, no power, everything goes through the USB. The drive itself reads Blu-Rays up to 4.8X, burns DVD-R and CD-R at 8X. Asus say the drive has a "Turbo Engine for enhanced USB Connectivity".…

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Asus Limited Edition ROG MARS GPU

The quite frankly awesome ROG MARS was previewed several months ago with most people just assuming it was a proof of concept. However it would appear that Asus are on the verge of releasing this unique card. It is strictly limited to 1000 units, will be sold on a first come first serve basis and…

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