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Three Common Computer Conundrums and Their Solutions

Regardless of whether you’re a high-flying business-type or a domestic home user, chances are there’s at least one in your life. And as this is the case, it’s also likely that you know and understand the pain of PC problems that seem to pop up at the worst possible times to throw a spanner in the works.

From the cheapest laptops to the most powerful supercomputers, errors and crashes are all part and parcel of the deal. Some hiccups are more common than others, though, so we thought we’d share with you three of the most commonly-encountered of all along with a few tips on how to combat them.

Missing Updates
When a computer isn’t working properly for any reason, one of the first things to check is whether or not the OS and other key software needs to be updated. All desktop and laptop computers alike should be set up to accept important updates as and when they become available, since avoiding or ignoring updates will often hamper performance. Use the ‘Windows Update’ menu in the Control Panel to set updates to automatic.

Slow Running
They say a clean computer is a happy computer, which to you and me translates as a fast computer. Quite simply, the more clutter, filler and general garbage there is littering up your system, the more difficult its job becomes and the slower it will inevitably run. As such, it’s important to periodically go through your system and get rid of literally everything you don’t need, while at the same time using a quality disk cleanup tool.

Laptop Crashes
Last up, before heading to a laptop sale to replace the one you’ve got that seems to be crashing or shutting down rather too often, it’s worth noting that the most common cause of unexpected shutdowns and cut-outs is overheating. Check the machine’s air intakes, fans and take into account where and how it’s being used – a cooling tray or desk could work wonders.

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