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Archive for December 2009

Nvidia to delay Fermi until March 2010

Nvidia’s next DirectX11 graphics base Fermi, which we discussed a couple of months back, was being delayed until January. Now it seems we’ll have to wait longer. The Fermi GPU has hit a couple more problems and the release has been said(Digitimes Report) to have been put back till March 2010 after it was scheduled…

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USB 3.0 to SATA Adaptor

Peripheral manufacturer Brando has come up with this adaptor to turn your old SATA HDDs into useable external ones, using USB 3.0. The Unitek USB 3.0 adaptor slots into the back of your HDD (can be used on IDE based drives too with an IDE to SATA adaptor) and allows the drives to transfer data…

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Moore’s Law near physical limits: 16nm chip developed

A group of Taiwanese scientists claim to have successfully developed the world’s first 16nm chip. National Nano Device Laboratories said it managed to create the first 16nm chip, though it is unlikely to be used in consumer tech anytime soon. Yang Fu-liang, the lab’s chief, told AFT that the development could lead to tiny cellphones…

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Small Form Factor Dell OptiPlex

Dell has recently announced an update to their popular commercial Optiplex systems. These systems are designed to be as small as possible saving valuable space and avoiding clutter in the workspace. Not only are the new OptiPlex PCs small, but Dell says its new OptiPlex 780 USFF is the smallest fully functional commercial desktop PC…

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The next grade of Wireless Internet

802.11ac the next WiFi standard is currently being talked about by the IEEE. This new standard will be bring speeds of over 1Gb/s over wireless networks. 802.11n has only just been made official and they haven’t taken much time to start on development of the next level of WiFi and plans to have it out…

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