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ITC Reviews: Dell Latitude 12 E5250

Dell Latitude E5250

While there are so many Dell laptop computers on the market right now where sleekness and slenderness have clearly been the primary focus, the Dell Latitude 12 E5250 is not one of them. Instead, what they’ve come up with in this instance is a reliable pack-mule of a business laptop that looks and feels every…

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Dell Latitude E5550 – Power, Performance, Pleasantly Priced

Dell Latitude E5550

Built to work – Designed to impress…that’s what Dell has to say about the Dell Latitude E5550 and we couldn’t agree more! With the option of an Intel Core i7 processor and up to 8GB of RAM, this is the kind of machine that makes mincemeat of even the most heavy-duty business applications. Multi-tasking has…

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Dell Latitude E5540 – Dell’s Proud New Workhorse

Dell Latitude E5540

As fans of the cheapest laptops on the market that also press all the right buttons quality-wise, it’s hardly surprising we find ourselves going back to Dell laptops time and time again. One pretty perfect example of the kinds of laptop computers that deliver the whole package when it comes to quality and value alike…

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Bigger is better with the Dell XPS 18

Dell XPS 18

It would seem that the cliché ‘go big or go home’ is certainly making a come back with consumers. Although tablet screens larger than 13 inches are still fairly hard to come across, we’re finding that many consumers believe bigger is better when it comes to televisions, smart-phones and all-in-one PCs. While once upon a…

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Laptop Review: The Dell Latitude E6540

Dell Latitude E6540

Laptop Review: The Dell Latitude E6540While business and consumer laptops may share a lot of the same features and components – an operating system, a smooth clamshell design – there are many needs that must be met in order for a laptop to be suitable for a business environment.A laptop that’s used for business purposes…

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