In the digital age of eCommerce, most consumers have no problem or hesitation in buying from the big brand online retailers. Trust and reliability are almost a given.

For smaller independent online retailers, you must work harder to show you can be trusted to supply a product a consumer wants. This is especially true with used and refurbished laptops and computers.

Customers fear false promises, a lack of quality or short product lifespan. Yes, used laptop sales has the same fear as used car buying!

Fortunately, we have put together a ‘Trust Checklist’ to help you choose the right used laptop suppliers.

Do they provide a full description/report of blemishes/faults etc.?

It is important that refurbished laptop and computer suppliers provide complete transparency about the products they are offering.

At ITC Sales, we give an honest and detailed description of the physical condition of our refurbished laptops and computers. We highlight scratch sizes, point out any broken pixels on screens, and any general wear and tear that is visible.

This ensures our customers know exactly what to expect from laptops and computers they are buying from us.

Always check warranty details and duration

Many used laptop and computer suppliers do not and cannot offer warranties on their products. This indicates a potential lack of quality and poor condition, so it’s wise to avoid buying from suppliers like this.

At ITC Sales, all our laptops and computers come with good warranties that you can trust. We are also a registered partner of Dell, meaning we can provide valid Dell warranties on many of our used and refurbished and computers. These can range from 1 to 3 years in total. Showing an assurance to customers that our products can be trusted to perform as promised.

Secondly, ITC Sales also provide our own ITC Warranty on many other used laptops and computers. Further showing an assurance of quality and trust in the products we offer.

Are they factory graded? Refurbished?

Some unscrupulous used laptop suppliers can be very vague about the nature of ‘refurbished’ and ‘used.’ You should always look for suppliers who provide factory graded refurbished laptops andcomputers – this tells you that the product has been returned or is in a condition worthy of ‘nearly new’ status, and as such, it should perform like new for you.

ITC offer quality used laptops and computers in such condition, and as a registered Dell Partner, we only provide Dell laptops that are quality approved by Dell also.

Who are their trusted suppliers or partners?

A good indicator of a used laptop and computer supplier’s rating is their official trusted suppliers and/or partners.

Dell laptop

ITC Sales are an officially registered partner of Dell. This means that Dell trust and endorse us to sell and provide quality used Dell laptops and computers to our customers.

Can you trust their delivery times and stock information?

If a refurbished laptop and computer supplier can only offer long-wait delivery times, it may suggest a lack of stock, and therefore a delay to paying customers.

At ITC Sales, we are always committed to fast delivery times and are completely transparent about our stock numbers.

We can usually ship UK orders received before 2pm weekdays for the next business day.

Secondly, we update our livestock online interface every 60 minutes. This means what our customers see online is pretty much what is available to buy at that moment. We also show the numbers in stock too, ideal for potential bulk buying used laptops and computers.

To find out how ITC Sales can help with your used laptop and computer requirements, contact us.