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Should You Use Dell All In One Computers for Your Office?

Dell All in One computers are the stylish, slim-lined cousin to the traditional computer desktop. Their elegant design can help give your office a modern feel, and whilst aesthetics are not everything, the better looking an office is, the more attractive the business will be to potential clients. But as we said, there is more than aesthetic benefits. We’ll run through some of the technical specs that could appeal if you’re wondering which computer to use in your office.  

  Working on a computer  

More Office Space 

All in one computers take up much less space compared to desktopsDesktop includes a bulkier monitor, CPU (central processing unit) and various other components. But with an all in one computer, everything is located on the monitor, which is considerably slimmer, allowing for extra office space – which could be especially useful with Covid-19 social distancing workplace measures. All in one computers do not require many wire connections, instead, there is an easy-to-use plug-in wire which will start the computer. Working out which wires go where on desktops can be more complicated, and may force you to consult an IT expert, which could be costly in both time and money. There is also the option with All in one computers for a wireless keyboard and mouse to further reduce annoying wires. 


Inbuilt Features  

If you are still working from home or could be in the future, all in one computers can be easily transported from the office to employee homes thanks to its lighter build. To help with any work from home, All in one computers have an inbuilt camera perfect for video conferencing, which is also useful if some of the team are in the office and others are still at home. All in one computers have a touchscreen feature too, allowing for more controlled navigation and simplicity when running a meeting or showcasing your latest project.  


Conserves Energy  

All in one computers takes less electrical power to run and generates less heat than a desktop as it only has the one component. Not only good for your office’s energy bills, but also for the environment and your business’ carbon footprint.  

Desktops do have their own benefits, especially if you’re looking for a personal use computer for things such as gaming or something that will require extensive memory. But there’s no doubting that Ail in one computers are the future in officesAt Dell, we have a great selection of All in onesSo, if you want to get ahead of the curve or need more information on All in one computers, please contact us on 03333 222 200 and we’ll be happy to help find the ideal solution for you.      

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