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Dell Optiplex All In One PCs

The Dell OptiPlex range of all in one computers gives you all the benefits of a traditional desktop PC with the added convenience of having your monitor and PC all in one extremely attractive package.

Dell all in one computers are a great option for saving space and having a sleek and easy to move computer, offering a convenient and less cluttered computer experience.

The OptiPlex AIO which is a cheap computer we stock, offers many benefits as a substitute for a standard desktop computer, the main benefit is the range?s design that means you don?t have to find additional space on or underneath your desk to store a bulky tower unit, since this is all built into the monitor. That also means you have less cables trailing down the back of your desk and more convenient access to ports and other features. Sleek, simple, compact, and convenient ? all the things you need to create a great office space or study area.

Although the Dell OptiPlex is compact and easily portable, you need not be concerned about a reduced performance here. The models in this range feature different specifications, but you can expect powerful Intel Core processors with plenty of memory and storage capacity to handle a multitude of demanding tasks, just as you would expect from a standard Dell PC. In addition, the vast majority of our Dell OptiPlex systems come with a Dell keyboard and mouse included, so you can truly enjoy an all-in-one package.

The OptiPlex range of computers was designed for business, corporate, and education markets. It is specifically aimed at making the lives of professionals and students easier. It is a great computer to use in an office setting where many people work in the same room or space. It is also a great choice for schools where many computers may need to be placed in a limited space such as a classroom.

The OptiPlex models are available in different screen sizes ranging from 19″ to 27″. The All-In-One PC has a telescopic handle which makes it extremely easy to move when needed. It also has tilt swivel, height adjustability and flexible viewing with pivot to make sure that the monitor is exactly right for everyone.

The Dell All-In-One range is truly remarkable. It has all the same things you expect from a standard desktop set-up but it takes up less space while still performing as we have come to expect from Dell. The Dell OptiPlex AIO range offers the most convenient and space-saving computers available and they are affordable.

Purchase the Dell OptiPlex All In One today at ITC Sales for fast UK delivery. Alternatively, if you require further information regarding any product in our range, please call us on 03333 222 200.

ITC Group IT Store | Desktop Computers & Workstations | Dell Factory & Cancelled Order Systems | Optiplex Desktops |  Dell Optiplex All In One Systems


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