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Why Buying Branded PC Parts is Paramount

The fact that pretty much anyone can have a crack at upgrading their own PCs these days is nothing short of brilliant. It’s no longer a case of being terrified to look beneath the shell – so many advances have been made that the plug-and-play PC upgrade is often a very real possibility. However, when…

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Moore’s Law near physical limits: 16nm chip developed

A group of Taiwanese scientists claim to have successfully developed the world’s first 16nm chip. National Nano Device Laboratories said it managed to create the first 16nm chip, though it is unlikely to be used in consumer tech anytime soon. Yang Fu-liang, the lab’s chief, told AFT that the development could lead to tiny cellphones…

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Intel Lynnfield LGA1156 Core i5/i7 Released

It has been less than a year ago since Intel launched the Nehalem-based LGA1366 Core i7 CPUs however most of these processors were far to expensive for your average consumer. The Lynnfield LGA1156 Core i5 & i7 are the processors that are designed for the mainstream market and will be the logical successor from the…

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