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One-time-only deals on Dell refurbished hardware, complete with extensive warranties and our total aftersales support package as standard. Choose from a wide range of factory-second Dell laptops, desktop PCs and workstations – hand-selected by ITC Sales for unbeatable value for money. Pick up a powerful Dell Vostro for the lowest possible price, upgrade your current machine to a capable Dell Precision or score a steal on a Dell Optiplex. One thing’s for sure, these one-off deals won’t be around for long, so grab a bargain while stocks last or risk missing out.

Factory Seconds

Now and then the manufacturing process of an item doesnt always go to plan. If a product is produced with serious flaws it is simply recycled or discarded, however, items that have minor flaws and that are in a useable condition are sold at a discounted rate to the public as factory seconds.

What are factory seconds?

Within every manufacturing process, there is a set of standards in which the products are compared against before being deemed suitable for the public. The standards set can at times depend on the product being sold.

For example:

Some products may have broad standards such as small plastic toys which is inexpensive, whereas other items such as car parts will have a much higher standard to meet.

Most products will be classed as factory seconds due to minor flaws on the products gained in the manufacturing process. Most of minor flaws gained are cosmetic, therefore meaning they do not affect the functionality of the item itself. However, some factory seconds may not have any cosmetic flaws at all and may simply have been unboxed from their original packaging and therefore cannot be sold as new, even though they have never been used.

Factory Second vs Refurbished

The difference between a factory second and refurbished laptop is at times unclear but once known, there is a clear difference between the two.

A refurbished laptop or computer is defined as a product which was sold to a consumer and after beginning to use the device, the consumer has found a fault with it. Due to this fault, the consumer will have returned the device to the supplier and the supplier then sends the device off to be repaired at an authorised repair centre. After the device has been fully repaired the device can then be sold as a refurbished laptop or computer.

A refurbished laptop or computer, therefore, differs from a device which is a factory second as a refurbished device has been used and returned to the supplier due to a fault whereas a factory second has never been used but instead has minor fault making it unable to sell at the price of a brand-new item.

Factory Seconds at ITC Sales

At ITC Sales we have a wide range of factory seconds available to purchase directly from our website. Our seconds are priced at a reduced rate meaning you can find devices such as a cheap dell pc from our dell seconds range for an affordable price.

For more information on a specific factory second product, contact us on 03333 222 200.

ITC Group IT Store | Desktop Computers & Workstations |  Factory Seconds


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