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Intel Lynnfield Capable of 2.3Ghz DDR3

Recently Bit Tech have had the chance to play with one of ’s new Lynfield CPUs with a new Gigabyte P55 motherboard.

During their testing they found quite a pleasant surprise – the 2GB OCZ Blade 2,000MHz CL8 DDR3 they were using would quite easily overclock to 2.3GHz.

The only option the BIOS would allow them to change was the core voltage but this still allowed a significant overclock.

However Bit Tech did express some concerns stating:

However, on further questioning the gurus at Gigabyte Taiwan, it was claimed that there is no uncore voltage option available for . We are still trying to ascertain whether this is unique to Gigabyte’s early BIOS and can be fixed in future updates, or whether it’s unique to its boards (we find that unlikely), but it would be strange not to be able to increase the voltage since some has to be applied anyway.

The Lynnfield CPUs are certainly shaping up to be something quite impressive with Softpedia previously announcing that they are capable of overclocking to 5GHz using just air cooling.

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