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The Ultimate Office Laptop – Dell Latitude E5440

Be ready for whatever the day throws at you with the E5440. This business laptop boasts so many great features that all business users need and want: solid build, bright HD+ screen, good performance, pleasing input devices, low emissions and long battery run times.The sleek E5440 has a plastic chassis with a with a light rubber coating which gives the laptop a very distinct look. The E5440 keyboard makes a great first impression, the keys are clearly arranged and the bright lettering stands out which is very eye catching.An important feature of this impressive is the easy to manage matte HD+ 14 inch screen that boasts a 1600×900 pixel resolution (131 ppi). This level of resolution provides a clearly arranged screen without overemphasising the high pixel density.Even with an impressive HD screen the battery runtime proves unrivalled compared to similar laptops on the market – the E5440 has a run time of approximately 8 hours, which we think is pretty impressive. This is the perfect laptop for those who travel around for business or commuting, the battery life means users don’t have to worry about where they’re going to charge their device.We think there’s barely any room for complaint when it comes to this laptop, it does exactly what it says and comes in at an affordable price. You can purchase this laptop from here, for just £406.80p, including VAT.

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