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Dell Latitude 13 E7350 2 in 1

Perhaps the single most interesting thing of all is that while the Dell Latitude 13 E7350 2 in 1 is referred to as a two in one machine, it actually creeps over the line into a whole bunch of product categories. It is an Ultrabook, a and a convertible all in one which was created by Dell as a means by which to replace all of your devices with a single machine. The only problem being that most machines which intend to cover all bases make sacrifices in certain areas – does this fall into the same trap?

Well, the simple answer is no, as with its fantastic battery life, excellent keyboard, silent operation and brilliantly capable touchscreen, it really is the kind of machine that can make a handful of mid-level devices feel entirely redundant. Powered by Intel’s Core M CPU and with a mighty 8GB of RAM to play with, it was made to cope with even the most demanding of multitasking business activities without breaking a sweat. What’s more, it has also been designed to be one of the most secure business machines of its kind ever created with its optional fingerprint reader and SmartCard reader.

In terms of performance, it really doesn’t bat an eyelid and performs right up there with most other laptops within the same price range. As for its use as a tablet, it is once again a case of pure power and performance winning the day. If there is one downside to be said about this particular Dell hybrid, it is the inescapable fact that as a hybrid device it is naturally somewhat on the weighty side. Not that it’s in any way heavy, so this is really a small price to pay for the convenience and versatility it offers.

In summary therefore, it’s fair to say that the Latitude 13 E7350 lives up to its promise by manifesting as a device which you could easily use to replace your current laptop and tablet PC at the same time. There are more powerful laptops and more impressive tablets out there, but when you truly factor in the way in which you are getting multiple devices for the price of one, the Latitude 13 E7350 is nothing short of a bargain.

For more information, check out our video review or see our channel here.

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