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Bigger is better with the Dell XPS 18

It would seem that the cliché ‘go big or go home’ is certainly making a come back with consumers. Although tablet screens larger than 13 inches are still fairly hard to come across, we’re finding that many consumers believe bigger is better when it comes to televisions, smart-phones and all-in-one PCs. While once upon a time you may have fretted about the performance of your device due to its size, consumers now want bigger and bolder displays, which is exactly what the XPS 18
gives you.

At first glance it could be easily mistaken for a traditional all-in-one device, but this is what we call a hybrid all-in-one device, which in laymen’s terms means it’s a big tablet that boasts a built in stand. So, what do we mean when we say a ‘big tablet’? It simple means the device performs like any other tablet but it packs an 18.4 inch full HD touch display, making the screen about twice as wide as the Ipad from Apple.

Increasing the size of the screen doesn’t just mean it has a bigger HD display, the Dell XPS 18 also has a faster hardware because of its 8GB of RAM and a Core i5-3337U processor, which is quite impressive! Like other all-in-one hybrids this one comes with slanted edges and rounded corners making it look both friendly and powerful.

Although it can be used as a tablet, it comes fully equipped with two rubber stands which allows the user to stand it upright for a desktop experience, position it at an angle, or lay it completely flat. The stands also provide extra grip to ensure it does not slip.

It’s flexibility and portability are what makes it extremely desirable, especially for families that require a PC that can fulfil a multitude of functions. The sleek design, great audio quality and long lasting battery life make this an all-rounder for any home or office.

To top it off this gem provides the service of both a tablet and PC for less than the cost of both when purchased individually. It looks as though Dell has a winner on its hands with this, it’s the ultimate family computer that will meet everyone’s needs. Here at ITC Sales, we sell the Dell XPS for as little as £599 (exc VAT).

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