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Asus Limited Edition ROG MARS GPU

The quite frankly awesome ROG MARS was previewed several months ago with most people just assuming it was a proof of concept.

However it would appear that are on the verge of releasing this unique card.

It is strictly limited to 1000 units, will be sold on a first come first serve basis and will most likely cost as much as the average person would want to pay for the entire computer.

If you do have money to burn though, and demand the highest framerates possible then this is the card for you, it utilises twin GTX 285 GPUs, 4GB of onboard and the world’s first 1024-bit memory bandwidth.

Each unit is individually numbered and feature a 648MHz engine clock, 1476MHz shader clock, 1 VGA output, 2 DVI outputs, an HDMI output.

Asus claim that the card is 23% more powerful than a standard GTX 295, and it also boasts an improved thermal design with a 65% boost in heatpipe coverage and a 20% heat dissipation rate.


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