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Factory Seconds (What are they and who should buy them?)

Purchasing technology online is growing more and more popular especially for businesses. If you buy technology online a lot, you have more than likely came across ‘factory seconds’ and ‘seconds’. In this blog, we explain what factory seconds are and who should buy them. What are Factory Seconds? Factory seconds are products which have minor…

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Dell OptiPlex 5060 Review

Dell OptiPlex PC’s are a collection of desktop computers manufactured to be used in government, corporate and educational settings.  The OptiPlex is available in many models and ensures to offer the functionality needed for office use. In this review, we discuss the Dell OptiPlex 5060 Micro. Features The Dell OptiPlex 5060 Micro’s design is complemented…

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The Benefits of a Gaming PC

The best device for gaming is a topic that is widely debated. From consoles to PC’s everyone has their personal preference. Here we discuss the benefits of a gaming PC. Less Expense With the price of everyday items increasing it may be becoming more and more difficult to find money to spare for games. PC…

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Computer Buying Guide

There are many different types of desktops out there such as the Dell OptiPlex range and you can easily become confused with what desktop you may need to fulfil your requirements. Here at ITC Sales, we provide you with a guide which includes the things to consider when buying a new desktop. Your budget Firstly…

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What is the difference between OptiPlex 3060, 5060 & 7060 lines?

OptiPlex is a range of desktop computers by Dell, especially aimed at corporate, government and education markets. There are various styles of the Dell OptiPlex including the 3060, 5060 and 7060 and before purchasing one; you may want to find out the similarities and differences between them all. Similarities amongst the models: Between all three models…

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