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The Most Manageable Business Laptop – Dell Latitude E6440

We understand that the two things business users rely on is reliability and security, well we can you tell you that the Latitude E6440 has certainly earned these attributes. This business laptop is a star performer and the perfect choice for someone who works from home as much as in the office.

Known as the most secure 14” laptop on the market, the E6440 is incredibly powerful and boasts protection, performance and easy management, making it the number one business laptop! This laptop is equipped with industry-leading endpoint security solutions, including, comprehensive encryption, cutting-edge malware protection and strong authentication.

Aside from security, the Latitude E6440 is well equipped for office tasks, it’s built to be durable and combines expectational strength and a lasting appearance. This laptop boasts an Intel Core i5-4300M CPU, 8GB memory, Professional software, Bluetooth 4.0 crd, Dell backup and a hybrid hard drive. These features mean you can get more done each day with this high performance reliable laptop, making it the perfect business companion. This laptop has been designed to keep up with you.

You can travel to work with the confidence of knowing your Dell Latitude E6440 is built to be durable, and combines exceptional strength and a lasting appearance. The Dell Latitude E6440 has great input devices, good connectivity, a sturdy metal chassis and high performance systems.

You can purchase the Dell Latitude E6440 from ITC Sales with a 3 year Dell next day on site warranty for just £539. For a full specification list or for more information about the Dell Latitude E6440 click here, or to view the rest of our ‘famous ITC special deals’ click here.

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