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Dell OptiPlex

In the ever-changing world of technology, smartphones are taking over the usage of other devices at an exceptional rate. Desktop PCs may seem a thing of a past however they are far from it. Dells OptiPlex is a wide range of models that come as all in one system or single traditional towers.

For a quarter of a century, the Dell OptiPlex has been a reliable system in many industries. The Dell Optiplex is a specialist line of desktops designed for corporate, educational and government use. The Dell Optiplex system usually contains Intel CPUs and have core microarchitecture (i3,i5,i7).

The 5050 Micro model has an abundance of ports which includes:

• 6 USB ports
• One Gigabit Ethernet connector
• Display port
• WLAN connector antenna
• Two audio inputs
• A 65W power supply unit

The OptiPlex can also come as small form factors and towers. These systems are designed specifically to fit in any environment with their small structure. As well as this they have been manufactured with an 8th generation Intel Core Processors.

Another part of the range is the OptiPlex all in ones and the all in one stand. Both of these include an attractive design as well as a high performance, allowing them to bring an abundance of benefits to your work place without taking up too much space.

One of the Dell OptiPlex models includes the 5000 series. This specific series has a large amount of hardware in its 1.17-litre chassis. For comparison, the 5050 Micro OptiPlex has the dimensions of 36 x 178 x 182mm which is just a little bigger than a standard DVD case. The sizing and weight of the 5050 Micro mean it can fit seamlessly around your present set up, allowing it to slip comfortably behind your monitor or even in your desk drawer.

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