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Dell Optiplex Computer Range

Dell OptiPlex is a range of computers manufactured to specifically focus on the corporate, business and education markets. These computers have been designed to make the experience for professionals and students easier and more rewarding than ever before. There are many different models that are part of the OptiPlex range, all of which are equipped with Intel Core processors and the best security features you can ask for. The OptiPlex range also offers business all-in-ones that are powerful and fast. Within this vast range of computers, there is a model to suit every requirement. The OptiPlex range is one of the best business-focused computer ranges in the world. Dell OptiPlex has made the business, corporate and education worlds a much easier place to navigate, and they make it easier and faster for professionals to perform at their best. You can find many of these great computers at incredible low prices at ITC Sales.

Dell OptiPlex 3020

The 3020 model was released in late 2013 and is not easily available as some of the newer models have taken its place. It runs on an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor and a 16GB RAM. It was one of the most popular models available and is still a great option for basic computer requirements.

OptiPlex 3040, 5040, and 7040 Computers

The 3040, 5040, and 7040 are the latest models in the Dell OptiPlex range. They were all released during late 2015. They all run on an 6th-Gen Intel Core i3 or i5 processor like most of the computers in Dells range. The 3040 and the 5040 both have 16GB RAM, while the 7050 has 32 GB RAM. Check out the ITC Sales store for prices and availability for these models.

OptiPlex All-In-One Computers

The OptiPlex All-In-One is a great way to go if you have limited space or just want a sleek look in your office or home. The All-In-Ones are high-performance, powerful, and fast. They have all the power of a normal desktop unit or laptop while taking up less space. The All-In-Ones also come with a selection of features to manage your displays, expand, and more. They also have easy to carry features like a telescopic handle and a viewing pivot. The Dell OptiPlex range offers excellent computer options for any business from the small local business to big corporations. Educational facilities will also benefit immensely from the OptiPlex range due to the specific educational and business functionality. ITC Sales has several OptiPlex models in stock. View our full range to discover the model that is right for you. Checkout securely for fast UK delivery, or call us on 03333 222 200 for further details.

ITC Group IT Store | Desktop Computers & Workstations | Dell Factory & Cancelled Order Systems |  Optiplex Desktops

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