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An Introduction to the Apple Watch – What’s the Big Deal?

So the talk of the tech town over the last few months has of course been the Apple Watch – the first wearable device ever to bear the Cupertino brand’s badge.

As is the case with all Smartwatch devices to date, what you’re looking at is largely an extension of your current smartphone…in this case, that being an iPhone. Sure, you’ll be able to hook it up to your Dell laptop, but to get any real use out of it you’ll need an iPhone.

The original idea for the Smartwatch was as a means by which to forgo the apparent ‘inconvenience’ of having to pull out your phone fifty times a day, by instead checking out your emails, messages, social media alerts and whatnot via a wrist-mounted device.

One of the better functionalities of the Apple Watch will be that of making contactless payments using Apple Pay – assuming of course that the UK’s major retailers begin accepting the mobile payments system in the near future.

Another area in which the Apple Watch has the chance to shine is in health and fitness tracking, which has already been done to death by other Smart devices but in this instance is better. This is one of the company’s key areas of focus for the device’s marking push and has spoken of three distinct metrics being monitored and measured – Stand, Move and Exercise.

So, in terms of entertainment, functionality and general lifestyle features there’s no denying the appeal of the Apple Watch. Sadly though, there’s one big Achilles Heel– battery life. Though far from the worst out there right now, we’ve been told not to expect more than a day’s use out of the thing before needing a charge and while this isn’t the end of the world for a cheap laptop, the idea of charging your WATCH every single day of the year without fail is one that’s likely to get pretty old pretty quickly.

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