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Laptop vs Desktop – Why Not Use a Docking Station?

We’re often asked what makes more sense these days – a laptop PC or a standard desktop machine? It’s a valid question, as with so many cheap laptops and standard desktops doing the rounds which in both instances seem to tick all the right boxes, what is it that separates the two?

Or more importantly, does buying a laptop genuinely guarantee you the best of all worlds?

Desktop Computers
The biggest and most important benefit of the desktop PC is that they can be massively more powerful than notebooks. This comes down to nothing more complicated than the fact that a desktop PC is larger and has a lot more room inside, meaning that it can house a lot more components and parts of a larger size.

Of course, the downside of the desktop PC is the way in which it doesn’t boast a great deal or portability and nor can it run for so much as a split second without a mains power source. In terms of performance however, there’s generally no comparison.

Laptop Computers
While laptop computers will never be able to rival the highest-end desktop PCs on the market in terms of raw power, they can indeed be more powerful than about 99% of buyers could ever need anyway. Unless you plan to use the computer for power-hungry gaming or perhaps game development at the highest level for example, you might not necessarily need all the power in the world. So, with this to one side, the immediate benefit of a notebook PC is the way in which it is compact, portable, versatile and generally inexpensive.

A Mid-Point?
Of course for those looking out for a solution that delivers the best of both worlds…or at least most of them…it’s worth considering combining a solid Dell laptop with a docking station like our Dell D3100 USB 3.0 Triple Ultra HD Docking Station 2YW4F. This basically takes the core of your laptop PC and gives it the versatility to work as if it was a standard desktop PC with ports for up to three monitors of any size and specifications right up to 4K ultra-HD.

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