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Tips to protect your computers from the summer heat whilst working from home!

With the current pandemic and with more people working from home, we thought we would look at how to help protect your laptops and computers.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a spacious office type set up in our homes, so most are working from the kitchen or dining table or some even from the sofa and adapting as best we can!

Working from home

Most of us also do not have air conditioning in our homes as we would in our offices, so it easy in the warm weather for our computers and laptops to overheat. Look out for signs of overheating such as unexplained crashes or slower processing, which can interrupt your work and productivity. We have come up with a few top tips to ensure your laptop and computers will be working safely and to the best of their ability :

  • Make sure there is at least two or three inches of space around your laptop or computer, particularly at the back where most fans are. Make sure there is sufficient space for the air to flow through. Avoid working by having your laptop on a soft surface such as your lap or a sofa; instead ensure it is set up on a desk or table.


  • Thinking of working from your garden instead of being stuck indoors to make the most of the summer sun? It may be wise to think again, The sun will limit what you can see on the screen and can cause eye strain, try working in the shade or under a parasol to avoid direct sunlight and heat, also do not leave your laptop in the sun, most laptops are capable of working outside but intense heat can cause hard drive components to expand causing hardware damage.

Laptop in sun


  • Make sure when you have finished working on your laptop you allow it time to cool down before putting it away in its carrying case. As there is no ventilation in the case it could quickly heat the computer. Also, unplug the charger as soon as it is no longer needed, a constant flow of electricity will only add to the heat on the laptop.


  • Keep the internal fans in your computer clean and dust-free, it is recommended that the inside of computers are cleaned at regular intervals, this can be done with a small brush.


  • Most laptops should not exceed working in temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, between 10 degrees and 34 degrees should be okay, but anything warmer may cause you problems, exposure to the sun can reduce your battery life.


We hope these tips help but if you do find that your current device is showing signs that it may need an upgrade, and you may need a new laptop or computer, contact us here at ITC Sales, our friendly and professional team will be on hand to advise on which computer is best for you and your requirements.

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