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Global Tablet PC Sales Are Slipping…And It’s a Good Thing!

There was really no doubt about it – 2014 was the year of the . The world’s leading vendors sold quite astonishing volumes of premium and cheap tablet PCs alike, with the Christmas period in particular having brought along quite epic sales. However, what became clear throughout the latter half of the year general and into the first couple of months of 2015 is that the tablet market has entered into a period of marked deceleration. Not only this, but after polling huge chunks of the consumer population both here and on the other side of the Atlantic, it’s becoming clear that fewer people than ever before are planning an upgrade over the coming six months, suggesting that global sales will once again slip during 2015.

Which begs the obvious question – why? Or perhaps more importantly, why do we see this as a good thing?

Quality Conundrum
Well, addressing the former of the questions first it all comes down to the way in which the world’s leading manufacturers have essentially shot themselves in the foot by putting out wave after wave of tablet PCs that were both affordable and brilliant. As such, it’s ended up getting to a point where almost everyone that bought one over the past two years is still so entirely happy with what they have, they don’t see any need to upgrade to a newer model.
It’s a bizarre paradox – nobody’s looking to buy a new tablet PC because they’re already too darn good!
Unsurprisingly, the news hasn’t been well-received by those who actually build and repair these systems as fewer sales rarely constitutes a good thing. But from an independent perspective of that of a general consumer, it’s actually a pretty great turn of events.

The Buyer Wins
How can this be a good thing for anyone? For a few reasons really – the first of which being the need for the world’s biggest names to up their game in a big way. No longer will it be possible to throw out wave after wave of generic tablet PCs just for the sake of selling more units, as in order for any to hit home they’ll have to be the most innovative and impressive we’ve seen to date. In addition, they’ll also need to be generously affordable.
What’s more, those at the lower-end of the spectrum that decided to flood the market with ridiculously low cost tablet PCs over the past couple of years will no longer get away with favouring quantity over quality. As it stands, to spend next to nothing means to take home little to nothing of value at all – this is something that simply cannot continue if the brands behind them are to stay in business.

So, while you could well call it a hard-fought silver lining, we firmly believe that this is one rare situation in which the consumer will indeed win outright. Better , lower prices and no more cutting corners or compromising on the part of the manufacturers – it all sounds pretty good to us!

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